Ever since I was a little girl I had a love for all things pretty. I remember sitting with my Mum as a little girl coming up with endless reasons why it was a good idea to rearrange my room... again! It seems interiors were my thing from early on.


Fast forward twenty five or so years and I am now a wife, a Mummy to two gorgeous little kids and still a lover of all things pretty. In the midst of having our second baby and running around from shop to shop like a crazy lady to try and find the perfect accessories for our wedding, it dawned on me that it would be amazing to have somewhere local to hire all the finishing touches. I can not begin to think about how many late nights I spent on the internet and many a day going from shop to shop (this is with two kids in tow, a household to run and studying full time). Oh how I needed some help! From there the seed was planted... I wanted to be that help for other brides and grooms. I had always dreamt to have my own business and this seemed like it just might be a perfect fit with my extensive background in the hotel and event industry and my obsession with attention to detail.


The only regret from my wedding is that I didn't enlist the help of a wedding stylist and planner to assist with finding the right suppliers and help on those last few hectic days before we married. I didn't get two minutes to sit down and just relax with my family and friends.


This, guys and gals, is how Grace & Co. Styling was launched in 2013.


 In recent years, my focus has shifted to styling... (and I mean in any form... shop fit outs, clothing label designs and of course interiors). I kept receiving numerous emails asking for help with styling shop fronts, photo shoots and children's parties.  Seriously , I have the best job in the world!






Melissa Spenceley | Grace & Co. Styling


...with love


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